Enter The Year of Tea Giveaway

Enter The

Year Of Tea Giveaway

Whether you’re a tea connoisseur or a tea novice, the Year of Tea giveaway is the perfect way to embrace the Sip by Sip lifestyle. Each month you and a friend will be sent one of our favorite teas to discover and enjoy.

The winner will receive a monthly tea delivery for them and a friend. Our year of tea includes:

SuperGreen Tea Lean Green Tea
Get Wellness® No. 11 Tea
Lucky Irish Breakfast Tea
Beautifying Botanicals Daily Beauty Tea
Organic Double Green® Matcha Tea
Hydration Watermelon Single Sips

Hibiscus Coconut Tea
SuperFruit Organic Blueberry Green Tea
Blackberry Sage Black Tea
Hot Apple Cider Tea
Organic Golden Pumpkin Tea
Comfort and Joy Black Tea